Your Guide to Going Out in Freshers’ Week

uv neon rave freshers week


Freshers’ week is a rite-of-passage. Hundreds of thousands of students will descend on towns and cities across the country, books packed with drinks in hands and smiles on faces. Freshers’ week is the ultimate student tear-up.

No matter where you find yourself on the map, there’ll be fresher carnage ready and waiting. Think of this as a hangover-ridden welcome into adult academic life.

Get freshers’ week ready with this useful guide.

Get Organised

Sometimes the best nights are the spontaneous ones. In freshers’ week, tickets sell out fast. If all your flatmates are going to the sold-out UV Neon Rave or Clash of the Uni’s and you don’t have a ticket, that spontaneous behavior from you will let you down. Always check the week’s events list before moving and ask around to gauge which the most popular parties are.

It’s also worth joining your university fresher groups and chats beforehand (You can find these by selecting your city here). If you’re worried about getting a ticket before knowing if your flatmates are going, there are always groups looking to go together. Every fresher is in the same situation as you, so this could be your best chance of finding friends outside of your university halls. Get that ticket.


Pre-drinks is where the night begins. No matter where you are, the pre-drinks session is the best time to get to know each other before a night of dancing and less talking. Use your new group chats to organise the biggest pre-night party you can.

But there’s also pre-pre-drinks. Yes. Really. You can load-up at a flat or house before hitting town and enjoying a drink in a bar or pub. This makes travel arrangements much easier, as well giving you the chance to see your new town or city before the night-time madness begins.


Your freshers’ week wouldn’t be the same without events. Although your party start to university is only seven days, work has been put into these freshers’ parties for months beforehand. You’ll want to spend your money on the more established wristband and events. These companies have been doing it for years: they know how to throw a freshers’ party like no other.

Try to get the biggest group you can and take over. These events are all about meeting people and starting your university time in the best way possible. Have fun, stay safe and make the most of your freshers’ week.

Find your university’s best Freshers’ Week events here


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