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Freshers Life are responsible for bringing students together every year to help make the transition to university a lot smoother. 

We will help them get to know their future course & hall mates, address any issues, ask questions about their applications, get quality university guides, find student jobs and enjoy the freshers life before you start university!



Sarah Jones

University of Salford

Before starting university I was so nervous, I didn’t know anyone going to the same university and it was the first time moving away from home.

I came across Freshers Life on Facebook, I saw a post that was aimed at freshers starting in the September.

I followed the steps and it was the best thing I ever did! I met so many new friends, my course mates, I found out so much about the university itself and all the events that were taking place.

It made me feel so much happier about moving away from home and starting a new chapter of my life!

My Instagram: sarahhjonesx


Kabir Suri

Kings College London

Freshers Life is simply amazing! As a new university applicant, you are about to embark on a journey filled with excitement, opportunities, and new experiences.

But let’s be real, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. That’s why Freshers Life is here to support you every step of the way.

You’ll be amazed at how much Freshers Life has to offer. From exclusive access to discounts from national student brands to job opportunities, this network has it all. You’ll also receive helpful guides and resources that will make your university experience even more enjoyable.

But what really sets Freshers Life apart is the sense of community it provides. This is where you’ll find your people, make connections and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Facebook and chat groups are simply amazing, and you’ll be amazed at the number of friendships that form through this network.

My Instagram: kabirsuri_


Scarlett Clegg

Newcastle University

Fresher’s Life is amazing for anyone with uni nerves and if you just need help or advice to get through the apprehension.

The extensive support provided by the online student communities made my transition much more comfortable and helped me settle into my degree quicker.

If you have any questions there’s always someone to chat with so make sure to reach out.

My Instagram: scarlettcleggg



Freshers Life | Freshers UV Neon Rave - Freshers ZOO - Battle of the Universities - Freshers Moving in Party - Welcome week Freshers Wristband

Freshers Life is responsible for hosting the biggest freshers parties for over 500,000 students across the UK!

Heading into our 9TH YEAR, Freshers Life has curated hundreds of nights, thousands of friendships and millions of memories! Are you ready for a once in a lifetime experience?

This year is your chance to join the thousands taking over your city’s BIGGEST and BEST nightclubs! Get ready for the wildest one yet! The ultimate university-rite-of-passage. Don’t miss-out! 🙌

BE ADVISED! Freshers Life events sell out every year, usually weeks in advance.


Find the most up-to-date student guides, stories & tips. Put together by some of the most experienced students and teaching professionals.

Reasons to Join Your University Chats

Reasons to Join Your University Chats

University group chats will get you ahead on your student social life, way before you move into halls! Here’s why you should join your university group chats.



    You will be re-directed to the UK's biggest & most active students group for university applicants - post your introduction to find your coursemates!


    All your frequently asked freshers questions answered below. Click on each one for the answers to appear.

    Where can I get my freshers event tickets?

    You can secure your freshers tickets HERE. Ticket tiers will rise as the weeks pass before eventually selling out before Freshers Week. It is essential you get yours as soon as possible to avoid missing-out.

    How old do I have to be to attend freshers week?

    Freshers events take place at some of the biggest licensed nightclubs in the U.K. therefore you will need government issued photo ID – such as a passport or driving license – to prove you are over 18. You will not need to bring your student ID.

    What to expect at the freshers week events?

    Freshers week is the ultimate introduction into your university life. In September, thousands of students take over their new towns and cities, attending parties, fairs, society meet-ups, course introductions and more. To avoid missing-out on the most popular freshers week events, make sure you purchase your tickets before arriving at university. The best EVENTS usually sell-out before students move into their halls.

    Are my freshers tickets refundable?
    You can receive a refund if you don’t get into your first choice university or you can receive a transfer ticket if your second choice university has an event hosted by Freshers Life in that city.
    In 2021 Freshers our events went ahead at full capacity as normal without any restrictions, postponements or cancellations across the UK.
    Due to the positive situation in the UK, we predict that there will be no further restrictions on nightclubs for this September and our sold out events will run at full capacity as they did last year.
    However, in the unlikely scenario your freshers week date is altered due to Coronavirus, our venue is capacity restricted or closed in September, we will postpone the event to a later date when government guidelines allow.
    If for any reason the event can’t be rescheduled and we are not able to provide the event in all its capacity, we will issue a refund on any ticket or wristband purchased.
    I'm a fresher and I don't know anyone yet - should I buy freshers tickets?
    As one of the most popular student events providers, we can guarantee you will know plenty of people with the freshers week tickets once you move to your new city.

    You can make it easier to meet people before freshers seek by joining your university chat groups HERE by selecting your city from the list.

    University is about meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. If you leave it too late to purchase your tickets you will miss-out.

    Join your chats and Facebook groups today and post your introduction.

    Can I purchase freshers tickets on the door at any of the clubs?

    For over nine years the Freshers Life events have sold-out before freshers have even moved into halls. Due to the popularity of the freshers week events, there will be none available on the door at any venue on any night during freshers week.

    Can I bring friends who aren't students?

    Yes, that is completely fine! You do not have to be attending university to enjoy the freshers events, however please ensure they are of a similar age to yourselves and are over 18.