5 Great Reasons to Register with Freshers Life

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University is an exciting yet nerve-wracking step into the unknown.

With so many questions to ask, opinions to follow and experiences to listen to: it can be difficult to not feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, Freshers Life has been helping new university applicants for over seven years now. We know exactly how it feels… we were once those students! As the U.K’s longest running and largest freshers network, we have answered just about every question you could think of.

The Freshers Life network spans hundreds of thousands of students, from all parts of the country. We are here to help – and the best way for us to do that is by you joining us.

Our community works by helping each other, whether that’s through university groups, university chats, halls chats, course chats, helpful guides, student jobs and more.

Here are five reasons why you should register for freshers with Freshers Life.

Be the first to know

By signing-up directly with Freshers Life, you’ll only hear about important updates.

At university, information can get lost quickly. Chinese whispers is a real thing when it comes to hearing about what’s happening on campus… especially during freshers week!

You want to make sure you get the information first and fast, to save yourself any worries or miscommunication.

Plenty of discounts

As the U.K’s largest freshers network, Freshers Life is able to work with a number of national student brands.

This means we can provide the very best discounts for some of the biggest retailers, travel providers and food delivery companies (last one is essential, trust us).

By registering for Freshers Life, you will also get first, discounted access to all your main freshers week events and there’s even the chance to work abroad in the summer with our travel partner Summer Tribe.

Job opportunities

Discounts are great, of course, but they mean nothing without any extra cash to use them with.

Throughout the Freshers Life network, there will be hundreds of work opportunities offered by university partners, local businesses and even other students. We also hire throughout the year (Social Media Assistant) and we will always favour applicants who are already a part of our network.

Our partner Student Jobs is the U.K.’s largest student-focussed job platforms. By registering with Freshers Life, we are able to give first-dibs on any new opportunities that open through Student Jobs.

Useful guides

Before you start university, your head will be full of questions.

Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to begin. Fortunately, as one of the U.K.’s longest standing online student networks, we have developed a certain level of experience and expertise – this is reflected through our extensive student guides.

By registering with Freshers Life, we will send these guides directly to you, as and when they are published. For now, you can start by reading the full-list here.

Find your chat & FB groups

Freshers Life brings students together. That’s one of the most important parts of our network.

As a large community of fresh applicants, it is our job to get people together and give themselves the best possible chance of meeting flatmates and friends, bringing some familiarity to your university experience, before you even move into halls.

We couldn’t possibly count the amount of friendship groups we’ve seen form in our Facebook and chat groups. To make sure you get in early, we will send over any new or existing groups and chats we find throughout the community.

It’s important you sign-up with Freshers Life to hear about them first. You don’t want to miss-out on any early plans!


What previous students have to say

Ellis Cannell

“Transitioning from college to university is always going to be a big change, wether that be moving away and starting fresh in a whole new city or starting a course/ new accommodation surrounded by many other freshers, the online student communities help me have a brief feel what to expect from university and they allowed me to make so many new friends before even starting.

This made me feel much more comfortable starting university as I already had a handful of friends. The freshers events definitely brought us all together alongside the student community group chats making it easier and more comfortable for us to all interact.”

My Insta account: elliscannell1



Ocean Edwards


“Online student communities have been extremely helpful with my transition to University.


The Facebook groups have been really welcoming especially and would send links to join WhatsApp and Snapchat group chats to join.


This had made me feel comfortable to ask questions but also talk about the uncertainty and nervous feelings I felt about joining university.There is always someone in these communities who understands and will give you reassurance.


I’ve ended up meeting online friends from the groups in person which has helped me even more to make friends at university.”


My Facebook Profile: Ocean Edwards
My Insta account: x_ocean.elise_x


More 5 star reviews can be found on the OFFICIAL Freshers Life Facebook page.


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Reasons to Join Your University Chats

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