How to Prepare for Freshers Week

How to prepare for freshers week - University Crowd Shot | Freshers Guide - University Guide - Student Guide - Freshers Life

Freshers Week is one of the most exciting periods of your young adult life.

This is where friendships are formed, memories are made and hangovers are endured. Freshers Week is a first taste into the university lifestyle – but new things can often become overwhelming.

Those feelings are normal! Everyone is in the same boat and the best way to soften any worrisome thoughts is through preparation. Hopefully, with this guide, you can do just that.

Here’s how to prepare for your Freshers Week.

Moving In

You’re all packed and ready. The day has arrived and you’re about to start you new university life in your new university home.

Most freshers will be moving into halls – and with good reason. Halls are the best place to meet people, but that doesn’t mean you won’t make worthwhile friendships if you happen to be living privately.

How to prepare for freshers week - Students Socialising | Freshers Guide - University Guide - Student Guide - Freshers Life
Wherever you’re staying, be as open as you can with any neighbour you see. In halls, it’s always a good idea to leave your door open on moving day. If you’re living privately, knock on your neighbours door and introduce yourself.

Move in day will have you feeling the butterflies harder than any other time during freshers. If you put on an open attitude with an approachable character, you’ll soon find yourself warming to your new housemates and neighbours.

University Schedules

During Freshers Week you’ll learn to become accustomed to your new surroundings, both on and off campus.

You’ll be given your introduction week timetable, as well as your lecture and seminar information going forward. It will vary for each university, but Freshers Week – aside from the partying – is when you’ll be softly initiated into your new student life.

Use this week to get to know as much of your campus and city as possible. Become as familiar with your surroundings as soon as possible, this makes it easier to navigate those half-asleep 9am lectures or 5am drunk walks home with your housemates.

Event Tickets

The biggest events usually sell-out before people have even moved into halls. It’s important to get your ticket for the events that you find the best to avoid any disappointment.

But also leave some room for spontaneity! It’s good to secure tickets for the sell-out events, but there’ll be a fun unplanned day trips, pub evenings and last minute club nights to enjoy with your flatmates.

Freshers Week is all about meeting people and having the best time. You only get one, so make the most of it and secure any tickets for the biggest events early. It will save you money and FOMO!

Facebook Groups & Chats

The best way to prepare for Freshers Week is by being the most open version of yourself. For some it will come easy, for others there might be a bit more work involved.

We live in a digitally connected world – and this makes meeting people before moving to your new town or city a lot easier.

Get on Facebook and introduce yourself in your new university city fresher group! This gives you the best chance of meeting potential coursemates and friends before starting in September.

Join your university freshers groups, uni chats, course chats & accommodation chats here

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Reasons to Join Your University Chats

Reasons to Join Your University Chats

University group chats will get you ahead on your student social life, way before you move into halls! Here’s why you should join your university group chats.



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