Work at home


Paid + Benefits

Job Description

As you may already know, Freshers Life operates the main University applicant’s community. This year we’ve seen a significant increase in growth which has opened up over 100 spaces for part-time social media assistants (working from home).

You’ll be responsible for connecting with other freshers through University freshers’ groups, WhatsApp group chats and any other channels you can think of which University applicants use. You will work directly with our Marketing Manager to ensure we hit growth and engagement targets. Very short tasks will be set twice a week which must be completed within a given time frame.

Full training will be provided by our Marketing Manager.


– University student or applying to university
– Confident, social & outgoing
– Familiar with Facebook & WhatsApp
– Willing to chat with other freshers
– Competent


Up to £10 per hour: You will complete at least 2 social media tasks every week (taking no longer than 20 minutes each). More opportunities will open for those who are seen to be the most ambitious.

As a valued part-time member of the Freshers Life team, you’ll receive the same benefits as our full-time office staff:

– FREE VIP events & festivals tickets
– Access to employee discounts
– Discounts on party holidays
– Be part of a fun team
– Experience for your CV
– First access to more jobs
– Amazing opportunity to meet lots of friends & other freshers
– Room to progress
– Work when you want
– Work from home

About Us

Freshers Life is the largest and most trusted network for University applicants in the UK, covering more than 72 cities & 141 universities. With over 500,000 active students using our community, we are proud to be industry leaders responsible for bringing students together every year.

We give freshers the chance to get to know their future course & hall mates, address any issues, ask questions about their applications, get quality University guides, find student jobs ready for when they start, and gain access to some of the UK’s biggest freshers’ week events.

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    Refer a friend and get £30! Simply copy the link below and share with a friend and receive a reward if they are hired (Rewards are stackable so share with as many friends as possible). Friends must reference your name in their application as the person who referred them.

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    You will be re-directed to the UK's biggest & most active student jobs community - post your university and which type of job your would like!


    Jade Harding

    “I have been with Freshers Life for a good few years now and love every bit of it.

    They provided me with an extra opportunity to be a ticket rep where I managed to earn £1028 in just 3 months working from home.

    I was also hired for a permanent part time position at the venue where one of their events were held.”

    Insta: Jade__harding

    Katrina Jane-Money

    “I started working with Freshers Life in 2020, it gave me the opportunity to meet loads more friends and get a great start to University.

    The best part was the fact that we could work when ever we wanted from our phones or laptops and even then it didn’t feel like work, it just felt like we where socialising and making knew friends just like I would have before working with them.

    I’ll definitely be working with them again in 2023″

    Insta: money_k01

    Simran Dosanjh

    “Freshers Life is an amazing company to work for, they make everything so easy.

    The best part was getting involved with the community and knowing that I was contributing to helping other students meet all their coursemates before they arrive at University.

    I was responsible for adding more friends into my University group and group chats, very easy work.”

    Insta: simran_dosanjh_

    Bethany Miller

    “I become a Freshers Life ambassador 3 years ago. I loved the amount of support I received from my manager which made the work really easy.

    The best part was that me and my friends to skip the queues and attend all the biggest freshers events for free.

    All the staff was really helpful and I have just booked my discounted holiday through them with Summer Tribe.” 

    Insta: bethaanymiller