Reasons to Join Your University Chats

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University group chats will get you ahead on your student social life, way before you move into halls!

We live in a connected, digitally social world and the best way to take advantage of this is by joining as many relevant university group chats as you can.

Even before you move to your new university town or city, you can get to know as many people as you like. Remember: everyone is in the same boat as you, so put yourself out there and find potential friends for life before September.

From your main group chats, you’ll find coursemates, flat-mates and – more importantly – people with similar hobbies and interests as yourself.

Here’s a look at why you should join your university group chats.

First to get updates on university

Things change incredibly fast at university. Sure, you can check through usual methods; Google, your university website and social media, but the quickest way to keep updated is through group chats.

Although your group chats will be mainly freshers, there are usually one or two older students who are already at university who will be more than happy to share their experiences and answer any questions you may have.

Once you do start, you will all be learning about campus life first-hand, but the group chat is the easiest, friendliest and quickest way to keep yourself and everyone updated with anything going on as it happens.

After all, you don’t want to miss-out on free, secret location pop-up pizza during freshers fair, do you?

Best way to meet people

This is the absolute most important reason to join your university group chats.

There won’t be a single student you’ll meet who didn’t have at least one worried moment thinking about whether or not they’d meet like-minded people during their time at university.

With this in mind, be sure to put yourself out there. Ask and answer questions, be friendly, polite, welcoming and – even if you’re not feeling it on the inside – try your best to put the most confident version of yourself out there. People will respond well.

There have been countless occasions where friendship groups have formed and plans have been made, even before your first day induction – all because people joined their group chat as early as possible.

You need to get in early and let your personality shine.

Find out what the most popular parties are

This brings us on to the next point: parties.

Once you’ve built a good understanding with your new group chat friends, you will all be excited to start your university journey and, more importantly, freshers week!

In your group chat, you can all decide together where to go. You should be able to gauge which events are the most popular, just from seeing the responses in your chat.

From here, you can all decide which parties to go to and when to get tickets. This is the best way to get rid of any nerves. You won’t have to think about attending any events alone, or have to rely on your flatmates’ choices.

You won’t miss-out on pre-drinks plans

Once your tickets are booked and events are in your calendar, this is the best time to get pre-drink plans in order.

Usually once people have tickets, they will start their own, smaller, more personal group chats, only to keep party plans separate from the main chat (in case anyone not going gets crippled with FOMO).

But even for those not necessarily looking to spend their freshers in the night clubs, your university group chat is the easiest way to find-out on other plans going on during your first week.

Be sure to get in your main chat early to avoid missing out.


What previous students have to say

Ellis Cannell

“Transitioning from college to university is always going to be a big change, wether that be moving away and starting fresh in a whole new city or starting a course/ new accommodation surrounded by many other freshers, the online student communities help me have a brief feel what to expect from university and they allowed me to make so many new friends before even starting.

This made me feel much more comfortable starting university as I already had a handful of friends. The freshers events definitely brought us all together alongside the student community group chats making it easier and more comfortable for us to all interact.”

My Insta account: elliscannell1


Ocean Edwards

“Online student communities have been extremely helpful with my transition to University.

The Facebook groups have been really welcoming especially and would send links to join WhatsApp and Snapchat group chats to join. 

This had made me feel comfortable to ask questions but also talk about the uncertainty and nervous feelings I felt about joining university.

There is always someone in these communities who understands and will give you reassurance. 

I’ve ended up meeting online friends from the groups in person which has helped me even more to make friends at university.”

My Facebook Profile: Ocean Edwards
My Insta account: x_ocean.elise_x


More 5 star reviews can be found on the OFFICIAL Freshers Life Facebook page.


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