Freshers Tickets: Red Flags to Look Out For

Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying Freshers Event Tickets


A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Freshers Event Tickets

Starting university is an exciting time, and freshers’ week is one of the most anticipated events of the year. With so many events to choose from, it can be overwhelming and confusing to decide which ones to buy tickets for. In this guide, we will help you understand the red flags to look out for when buying freshers event tickets and how to choose high-quality events like those included in the Wild Freshers Week Wristband.

Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying Freshers Event Tickets

Before purchasing freshers’ event tickets, it’s essential to look out for red flags that could indicate a poor quality event. Here are some red flags to be wary of:

🚩 Event Venue Not Specified or Unsuitable Venue Mentioned

One red flag to look out for when buying freshers event tickets is a lack of information about the event venue or an unsuitable venue mentioned. The event venue is a crucial part of the event, and it’s essential to ensure that it’s suitable for the type of event being held. Lack of information about the event venue could indicate that the event is not well organized or that the organizers are hiding something.

🚩 Lack of Photos or Videos of Previous Events

Another red flag to look out for when buying freshers event tickets is the lack of visual proof of previous events. No photographs or videos of previous events could indicate that the event hasn’t happened before or that it wasn’t very good. A reputable event organiser should have evidence of previous events to build trust with potential attendees.

🚩 Unclear or Meaningless Event Description

An unclear or meaningless event description is another red flag to be aware of when buying freshers event tickets. The event description should provide detailed information about the event, including the type of event, the theme, and the expected dress code. Vague or meaningless descriptions could indicate that the event isn’t well planned or the organisers are hiding something.

🚩 Tickets Priced Below Expected Value for Promised Production Quality

Tickets priced below expected value for the level of promised production is a major red flag to look out for when buying freshers event tickets. While it’s tempting to choose the cheapest ticket available, it’s essential to consider the production quality promised and the price of similar events. Tickets priced significantly below the expected value could indicate that the event is not well-funded, the organisers are cutting corners and it will not be a high quality event.

🚩 Limited Event Following, Trustworthy Companies Have Big Fatsoma Followings

The size of an event following is another red flag to look out for when buying freshers event tickets. Trustworthy companies have big Fatsoma followings, indicating that they have a track record of selling tons of tickets and delivering high-quality events. A small event following indicates that the organizers are new to the scene, don’t sell many tickets or they have a poor reputation.

🚩 Unverified Statements from Less Established Companies, SU’s or Other Students

Another red flag to look out for is unverified statements from less established companies, SU’s or other ‘students’. They may be trying to tarnish the reputation of other event companies that specialise in hosting high-quality events just to benefit their own agenda and sell tickets to their own events.

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly unlikely that the SU will private message you on WhatsApp about freshers week events unless you have opted in to receive updates, especially from a mobile number.

It’s important to do your own research and make an informed decision rather than relying on hearsay or unverified information. Trusted event organisers like Wild Freshers have a proven track record of hosting successful events, so it’s always wise to opt for events that have been running successfully for years and have been tried and tested by many previous students.

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🎉 Why Students Trust Wild Freshers for Unforgettable Events

Wild Freshers is the reputable choice for high quality, sell-out freshers events. With no red flags, a decade of previous events history and loads of photos & videos of those events on social media. You can trust that they are professional, established event organisers who work with the quality venues and will provide a memorable and enjoyable experience during freshers.

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What previous students have to say

Amy Hawthorne

“The thought of going to university can be terrifying, especially without someone to talk to who has already experienced it. The Freshers Life social media platforms provided me with insightful information throughout the whole process, from choosing the right course to top tips for freshers’ week.

The online community allows you to meet people going to the same uni as you, who are in exactly the same position, which definitely calmed the nerves. I would absolutely recommend exploring the Freshers Life platforms for student advice on everything involving university!”

My Insta account: Amy Hawthorne

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Phoebe Duke


Freshers Life allowed me to connect to so many people that I just wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise.

I was incredibly anxious starting uni but being able to find friends through Freshers Life before I even started helped me so much and I am still so close to the people I met this way!

The freshers week events that they organise gave me solid plans for my first weeks at uni and gave me the opportunity to meet so many people and explore different events as well. Overall they gave me the chance to really connect with people and make friends much easier than I ever imagined!


My Insta account: Phoebe Duke

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More 5 star reviews can be found on the OFFICIAL Freshers Life Facebook page.


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