Your Freshers Life Guide to Meeting People at University

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Moving to your new university town or city is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. For most, they’re out of their own for the first time, away from family and friends. It’s time for a new milestone in your life.

Meeting new people and making new friends is natural for some. For others, it’s a little harder. To help make it easier, here’s a useful freshers’ guide on how to meet people and make new friends at university.

Be Open and Take Initiative

Everyone arrives feeling the same. Sure, others may have some friends already there, but most wont. See that as a positive. You’ll put yourself out there a lot more and meet so many different people with similar thoughts and initial worries. The sooner you realise that, the easier it will be.

Leave your room door open. Take the first steps to making friends when you arrive. Some people will be less nervous than you, some a lot more. If you take the initiative, you’ll make more fresher friends that you can count.

Social Media Forms Real Relationships

Facebook freshers’ groups and chats are a tried and tested way to meet like-minded students. Even before you made a decision on which course to choose, other university social media groups will have been putting in the groundwork for you to be able to make those first friends.

Now you’ve found your fresher online community, help each other out, ask questions, make jokes and present yourself in the same way you would if you were meeting people face-to-face. So many friends for life have started made in your university freshers’ groups.

Say Yes

You can’t say yes to everything all year, but doing everything you can in Fresher’s Week is the best way to meet as many people as possible. Flat parties, pre-drinks and big fresher’s events like the UV Neon Rave and Clash Of The Unis will make forming those first friendship groups much easier.

You could also join a society. This way you’re guaranteed to meet like-minded people. Through whichever society you choose (and trust us: there are plenty) try forming study sessions or you could even organise course meet-ups. Your first few weeks at university is all about meeting as many people as possible. You’ll soon have that solid friendship group – but don’t stop there. At university, new friends are found every day.

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