What to Expect with the Annual Freshers Wristband

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The Annual Freshers Wristband is one of the longest running full freshers week party offerings.
For over 9 years, the Annual Freshers Wristband has taken over some of the U.K.’s biggest and best clubs, earning its reputation as the ultimate in university nightlife initiations.
With take-overs in Manchester, Salford, Leeds, Cardiff, Liverpool and Edge Hill, the Annual Freshers Wristband knows exactly how to take over a national party city. There’s a reason it’s been around for almost a decade now: it is one of the longest standing freshers week wristbands out there.
Here’s a look at what to expect.


The Annual Freshers Wristband is a full-week of mayhem, memories and more friendships than you could imagine – but what actually goes down on each of the nights?
It all begins in the infamous Moving In party, then you can expect a jam-packed week of fun, featuring the wild Freshers Zoo, the funky Freshers Disco Land, the infamous Freshers UV Neon Rave and much more!
Freshers UV Neon Rave is the absolute highlight of the week: a freshers event on steroids! Get ready for face melting CO2 cannons, hypnotic lighting rigs, showers of confetti and – in most cities – supersized laser firing glowbots!
As it is the most popular event, you’ll need to purchase the Freshers UV Neon Rave wristband add-on at an extra cost.

Where Can I Get my Wristband?

As one of the U.K,’s biggest freshers events, the Annual Freshers Wristband is strictly pre-purchase only. There won’t be any available on the night – and – in most cities – it will sell-out before everyone moves into halls.
The more wristbands that go, the more prices rise. It’s essential to get yours early to save the most, leaving you with some extra cash to enjoy the nights as best possible.
Annual Freshers Wristband collection points will be stated on your city’s event description.

Finding People to Go With

It’s hard to plan a night out when you don’t know who’s going! Luckily, the Annual Freshers Wristband is one of the longest running and most popular freshers week offerings.
There’ll be plenty of people with the Annual Freshers Wristband, but to make it a little easier, once you purchase your wristband you’ll be added to an exclusive party chat, where you and others can get to know each other before September!
What to expect at the freshers wristband - Student Rave| Freshers Guide - University Guide - Student Guide - Freshers Life
Also, it’s important to mention that not everyone drinks alcohol during freshers, so don’t feel like you’ll be missing-out. The event production and atmosphere is enough for all kinds of people to have the best time.
Buy your wristband today and get those pre-party plans nailed-down in the chat!
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Find more from past events on the OFFICIAL Instagram below!

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