How Much Does Freshers Week Cost?

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Freshers week is one of the best weeks of your adult life.

For seven days (and nights!) you’ll be joining thousands of other fresh-faced students as they take on the week of a lifetime!

This is the absolute stand-out in the student calendar. Here you’ll be meeting hundreds of new people, enjoying countless new experiences and making more lifetime memories than thought possible… sounds expensive, you think?

But as much as you’d like to make this one of the best weeks of your life, that doesn’t mean it has to cost the entirety of your student loan.

So, just how much does freshers cost? Here’s a look.

First Shop

Before you go running to the nearest pub, be sure you fill-up your stomachs – which means filling-up your fridge first!

Your freshers week shop will be the most expensive. Here you’ll be stocking-up on pantry fillers, your favourite seasonings and a box of cereal that reminds you of home, but the good news is these will last you a good few weeks!

After that you’ll get into more of a routine, knowing what recipes work and what you need to fill-up on every one or two weeks.

Budget a little extra for your first shop. Expect to spend between £30-50 at first, then it will drop quite a bit lower after you’ve secured your 10kg bag of rice for the year. Top tip: German supermarkets are your best friend, no affiliate sponsorship here, though.

How Much Does Freshers Week Cost - Student Groceries | Freshers Guide - University Guide - Student Guide - Freshers Life

Going Out

We had to get into it early, didn’t we? Of course freshers week has more to it than partying – but who wants to talk about that?

Going out in freshers week will ultimately eat through your entire first budget… and with good reason!

During freshers week you’ll be meeting people in the same boat as you. Everyone will be wanting to secure their new friendships for the upcoming year and beyond. The best way to do that is to get out there and speak to people… but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Secure your tickets for the main freshers events as early as possible. This way you save the most, without having to worry about it selling-out.

Also, by purchasing early, you can give yourself a bit more time to save before September, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be blowing any of your first-week budget on expensive tickets or re-sales.

Fortunately, the more established freshers events understand the student lifestyle. A lot of clubs during freshers week will have student finance saving deals, especially if you turn-up a bit earlier – and – another top tip – always, always pre-drink! It will save you money and also help to get to know your new flatmates before heading to the club.

Once you purchase your freshers tickets above, you’ll be added to your exclusive pre-drink chat!

Eating Out

You’ve already done your shopping – why would you need to eat out?

Well, no matter how disciplined you are: you will get at least ONE takeaway during freshers week… and that’s the minimum!

It’s hard to cook when hungover or even slightly overwhelmed by this sudden life change. Do yourself a favour and save some extra cash for a few takeaways, meal deals and some nice lunches out with your new friends.

How Much Does Freshers Week Cost - Student Meals | Freshers Guide - University Guide - Student Guide - Freshers Life
Freshers week is a social whirlwind. You don’t want to be left waiting for your pasta bake to crisp whilst your new flatmates are indulging in a communal Dominos.

Top tip: for the full social dinner experience, why not cook together with your new flatmates and enjoy a night around the table? Saves you more for the club later and even counts as pre-drinks.

Freshers week doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find a balance between having the very best time, whilst keeping a large chunk of your loan left for important things like food or even books.

Get freshers week ready and secure your cheapest tiered tickets today before they rise!

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