Verified reviews from previous applicants


Sarah Jones

University of Salford

Before starting university I was so nervous, I didn’t know anyone going to the same university and it was the first time moving away from home.

I came across Freshers Life on Facebook, I saw a post that was aimed at freshers starting in the September.

I followed the steps and it was the best thing I ever did! I met so many new friends, my course mates, I found out so much about the university itself and all the events that were taking place.

It made me feel so much happier about moving away from home and starting a new chapter of my life!


N-k Leo

Sheffield hallam university

Freshers Life is an amazing company to work for, everything is so easy.

The best part is being involved with the community and knowing that we are contributing to helping other students meet all of their classmates before they came to university.

Being responsible for adding more friends to my university group and group chats, very easy job.’

The best part is that students can skipped the big lines and attended all the biggest events for free refreshments.

The best part is the fact that we could work whenever we wanted from our phones or laptops and it still didn’t feel like work, it just felt like we were socializing and getting to know friends.


Kofi Asante-Ansong

University of South Wales

Being an international student and travelling to a new country where I did not have any relatives or friends that I have been in touch with for years.

The online student communities were very beneficial to me and a great way to start feeling like I belonged before even stepping foot into the country.

Through online communities especially Facebook, I got to interact with a few people and even be added to a group with people in my student accommodation. There I was able to find out any information I needed; this was all before I travelled.

When I entered the country and was trying to find my way to my accommodation but was having trouble, I reached out to the online community and got help from many people giving me directions to get there.

It is safe to say that without the online communities I would have felt very lost and alone in a country I have never been to.