Your Freshers’ Week Survival Guide

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Freshers’ week is fun. It’s also tougher than you think. You will survive it, though. It’s the best way to begin your life as a university student. You’ll meet many people, making memories and long-lasting friendships along the way. You only get one freshers’ week. You’ll want to make the most of it.

But you will make mistakes during your first seven days at university. That’s a part of it. Some are unavoidable – like sleeping with a housemate, then enjoying months of awkward kitchen conversation; or signing-up to the university gym, only to go once during first term.

Most mistakes can be prevented, though. Hopefully you don’t make too many. To help with that, here’s Fresher Life’s Freshers’ Week Survival Guide.

Freshers’ Flu

Freshers’ flu is a thing. It’s not a hangover, it’s not homesickness and it’s most definitely not a hot rash caused by your halls’ questionable ‘new’ mattress. It’s a real illness – and it’s coming to get you.

You’ll be meeting many people, from many places. You’ll also be getting close to them, whether it’s at events or on campus. This virus will get you at your weakest, when your blood reads one-part vodka, one-part supernoodle and two-parts anxiety. Hangovers and freshers’ flu do go hand-in-hand. Protect yourself with good hygiene and relieve symptoms with plenty of water, paracetamol, hot tea and at least one unprocessed meal


Freshers’ week is all about the events. Make sure you plan ahead and secure your tickets for the more popular ones like those on the Wild Freshers Wristband such as the UV Neon Rave and Freshers Fest; these usually sell-out before students move into halls.

This is the best way to enjoy all your city’s best freshers’ week events at a cheaper cost. Make sure you have your events lined-up before moving. You don’t want to miss out.


The Freshers’ Fair

Some people will advise you to take it slow and tell you to not try and do absolutely everything. That’s the worst advice you could ever get. You only get one freshers’ week. Why would you not make the most of it?

You’ll want to meet as many people as you possibly can early on. This way you can scope out who’s going to be by your side for the next three or so years. You can’t meet people sat in your room watching Come Dine With Me on catch-up because it reminds you of when you used to watch it with your mum. Get out and hit freshers’ week right between the eyes. You won’t regret it.


But doing everything in freshers’ week requires money. Tickets, taxis, tequila shots. They all cost £££. You want to have the best and wildest start money can buy. For that, you need a budget.

If you have a job back at home before university, put some wage away especially for your first week. If you’re relying on your loan, no problem. Try to cut back on eating-out for this week and only shop for essentials. Freshers’ week is a time to make memories – and not a time to spend £11 on a prime cut of steak from your new local artisan butchers.

Stay Safe

No, your parents didn’t make us include this part. Freshers’ week is about trying new things and being the most open version of yourself that you can be. For some people, drugs are a part of their university life. That doesn’t have to be the case for you. The Loop offers incredible harm-reduction advice for drugs and other substances.

Staying safe isn’t always about health. Use common sense and look after each other on a night out. Keep your drinks close, don’t overdo it and only use licensed taxi ranks. It’s also worth getting to know your new town or city centre in the day, before the fresher madness begins.

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